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What to Expect

We understand that the needs of our patients, and the circumstances surrounding those needs, are unique. Clear communication and cooperation are vital.

In order to provide our best service and satisfaction for you or your loved one, the first step of QHM’s approach is to acknowledge that our team members and clients both have important and distinct roles.

Our mutual understanding lays the groundwork for positive and pro-active home medical support. Please check the Responsibilities section to find out more.

Our Responsibilities

Quality Home Medical makes these promises to all patients. We will:

  • Provide services to you with respect and dignity.
  • Inform you of your rights and responsibilities.
  • Educate our staff on equipment, basic home safety and infection control.
  • Educate you and your care provider on the maintenance and use of your equipment and supplies.
  • Provide you with reliable equipment to meet your needs.
  • Provide 24-hour emergency service.
  • Maintain confidentiality, as it relates to your medical and financial personnel record.
  • Work with you and your physician to provide you with the best care, service, and equipment.
  • Assist you in obtaining alternate services if required.
  • Inform you of consequences, should you refuse prescribed equipment and/or services—or if you are not compliant with physician orders.
  • Communicate to your physician the progress (or lack of progress) toward mutually-established goals.


Patient Responsibilities

Patients are responsible for the following duties:

  • Using rental equipment with reasonable care, without modification or alteration.
  • Returning rental equipment in good condition when the need for such equipment no longer exists.
  • Promptly reporting any malfunctions or defects with the equipment to Quality Home Medical.
  • Using equipment for the purpose indicated. This is done in a safe, proper manner, and in compliance with the physician’s prescription.
  • Keeping equipment in your possession and at the address to which it was delivered, unless otherwise authorized by Quality Home Medical.
  • Giving authorized QHM representatives access to all equipment owned by Quality Home Medical for the purposes of performing service, repair, replacement, or retrieval.
  • Accepting financial responsibility for equipment and/or services provided by the company.
  • On-going communication with your physician, regarding your plan of care and condition as related to your medical equipment.
  • Notifying QHM upon admission to the hospital, skilled nursing facility or whenever your physician indicates the equipment is no longer needed.

In order to protect patient well being and our chance to deliver the best service, clients should always inform us when:

  • There are concerns with our equipment or staff.
  • Your condition, prescription or needs change.
  • Any hospitalization occurs.
  • Your insurance or address have changed.
  • The patient cannot keep his or her scheduled home visit appointment.
  • You have an equipment pick-up need.


Now that we are working together, QHM is ready to walk with you through the rest of our process…  

Quality Home Medical never leaves you wondering what will come next. Here, we offer helpful information on the steps we take to assist our clients…

Step 1: Your Billing Consultation

  • Clients receive an up-front explanation of their benefits and patient responsibility.
  • We discuss any additional documentation needed for payment.

Step 2: Scheduling

  • Our scheduling office makes arrangements for your first home visit (if appropriate to your needs) or for re-supplying.
  • We schedule AM and PM deliveries, with a phone call to clients typically thirty minutes to an hour ahead of arrival.
  • At this or any other time, our professionals will address questions to your understanding and satisfaction.

Step 3: Upon Arrival

  • A QHM representative, licensed/trained in his or her area of specialty, gives patients and supporters detailed instruction at home. Among other points specific to your need, you will learn how to care for and operate your home medical equipment.
  • Detailed home assessment related to equipment is provided.
  • Client is given important reminders about supply availability schedules, service days and coverage. 

Quality Home Medical emphasizes training and education for both staff and patients. We offer solid references and resources (appropriate to the situation and patient ability).

Step 4: Follow-Up and Compliance

  • Quality Home Medical offers secure, web-based reporting that allows physicians to interact with patient compliance records (if applicable to your program needs).
  • EMR Medical Record allows for faster information retrieval during return calls from patients. Pulling your chart takes significantly less time.
  • Finally, we check with patients and home supporters to see that their needs were met in a timely fashion—with expertise, efficiency, dignity and kindness.
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