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Medicare and Medicaid


Quality Home Medical may accept Medicare Part "B" assignments, billing Medicare directly for 80% of allowable and billing the beneficiary/third party for the 20% co-pay and associated deductibles. The deductible is taken from claims in the order that Medicare processes them, not necessarily in service date order. The Medicare Part "B" deductible is satisfied only once per year, regardless of the number of claims filed or carriers involved. The deductible is satisfied by using Medicare's allowed charges, which does not always equal the actual charges billed by the supplier. At the beginning of each year, you may be requested to pay to Quality Home Medical your Medicare deductible amount in advance. Our claims are filed on the same day of each month for as long as the equipment is in the home. For information regarding Medicare Advantage Plans, please call our main office toll free at 1-800-563-2565.


Quality Home Medical may provide equipment to Medicaid recipients upon verification and approval of coverage status and medical justification. Presentation of your State Beneficiaries Identification Card and personal identification will be required.

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